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Police Allow Violence in Black Chicago!

There's no doubt about it...the violence in Black Chicago is allowed to happen. Why? For many reasons including racism and gentrification. The reality is the Chicago police department along with other law enforcement agencies could greatly reduce the violence within one week. I'm sure some might think that's impossible, but actually it's not! 

What many fail to realize is there are law enforcement agencies flying drones over drug and gang ridden African American communities in Chicago every day and night. In essence, law enforcement know exactly who's doing what, when, where and why.

According to Superintendent Eddie Johnson of the Chicago police department, he stated they know who the shooters are and that it's around 1,300 people causing all the mayhem in Chicago. Click below link:

The question then becomes why can't PAID politicians and police at least reduce gang violence in the city of Chicago? I mean, the cops have technology, drones, laptops, computers, wiretaps, confidential informants, etc., but yet they can't seem to predict nor deter uneducated gang members from committing violence?! 

Shit, law enforcement (CPD, ATF, DEA, FBI, CCS) have confidential informants in just about every gang in Chicago and still the violence is off the meat rack. Click below link:

It also doesn't help that police stops in Chicago are down 90%! That means shooters and killers are freely roaming the streets of Chicago without fear of the police searching them. Of course we don't want an abuse of stop and frisk, but got damn as a BEAT COP or DETECTIVE in a certain community you mean to tell me you don't know who the shooters and killers are? GTFOH with that nonsense! Click below link: 

If police stops are down by 90% then WTF are they doing all shift? Riding around eating donuts? Meanwhile we have innocent people being shot by bullets meant for rival gang bangers. 

And please don't give me any bullshit about the community needs to step forward! The community isn't paid to reduce gang violence nor attempt to confront gang bangers. That's the job of our paid police force. I guess working poor people in Chicago isn't worth serving and protecting huh?

There are gangs in Chicago making 5K - 20K a night, you think they give a rat's ass about killing some community activist or group trying to stop their money flow? Hell no, they'll blow your ass into oblivion. The community is under siege by gang bangers and drug lords! 

The job of a BEAT COP or DETECTIVE isn't predicated on people in the community providing them intel that might be good intended but full of assumptions, rumors and misleading statements. 

The evidence is clear. There's really no way around it, violence in Chicago's African American communities is being allowed to happen and the police, politicians and mayor of Chicago seems numb to it all.

"...I guess the police, politicians and mayor of Chicago are suffering from compassion fatigue?"

Most of the cops in the Black community are White. That alone creates a huge cultural and social barrier. To top it off a lot
of White cops (not all) don't give a shit about if a nigga lives or dies whether that person is innocent or not. 

It's been proven by the Department Of Justice that the Chicago Police Department violated the constitutional rights of African Americans in Chicago. Click below link:

But then African Americans even have constitutional rights in America? Check the scenario: White cop kills Black person, goes to court, found not guilty, family of the victim gets one to five million dollars. Repeat the aforementioned all over again. 

Yet my question still looms. Why can't PAID politicians and law enforcement reduce violence in Black Chicago? Are the cops being out witted by uneducated thugs? Do the cops even care to surveillance the community and make arrests? Is the violence being allowed as the cops wait to catch bigger fish? Or is it that they simply don't give a damn? I think it's the latter, the said part is a lot of Black cops (not all) are in on this as well. 

Donald Trump can send as many agents in Chicago as he wants, problem is those agents are only going to become contaminated by the ones already working the gritty streets of Chicago. 

The bottom line is Black life isn't worth shit in Chicago nor around the country for that matter! Thus the drugs, guns and violence is being allowed to happen in Black Chicago...this way the cops, lawyers, judges, prisons, prison guards and big corporations can stay in business on the backs of Black pain and anguish. 

If the above sounds like a conspiracy theory to you then maybe you forgot the fact you live in a country that allowed:
African American slavery (1619 - 1865)
Legal segregation "Jim Crow" (1865 - 1965)
the reality is African Americans were never meant to count for anything whether under British or American rule. This mentality continues on in the legal and justice system of the United States of America thwarts African Americans. 

written by:
jim allen