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Powerful Thoughts 4.6

Fuck it.
Imma just start calling show creator Courtney Kemp by her new name – The Undertaker.  This mofo’n lady killing folks off like flies!  Now go grab your fancy internet boutique dress and your MKMKMKMKMKMK Kors bag and pull out ya baby daddy’s oversized court suit.  Sign the book, take your seat, have a swig from your flask, check your Facebook and let’s start this funeral. Share ya programs, cuz I done ran out.
Kanan and Ghost’s Excellent Adventure
Could be me, but shouldn’t Ghost have been a wee bit more terrified when a man he thought he killed rolled up on him in broad daylight?  A gasp or something, at the very least.  So Kanan pulls up with the gun, forces Jamie into the car and reveals that he and Jukebox have Tariq and (more)