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Taste Of Chicago 2017: DISASTER!

The Taste Of Chicago 2017 (July 5-9) was a complete disaster! The food selections were not that good. The crowd control was an utter shit-show and the standing lines for food was totally unorganized. There were people who weren't there to buy food, but simply loitering...hanging around looking stupid. I mean, if you're not going to buy food why take your broke ass to the Taste Of Chicago?! Like bruh, you're seriously taking up space. 

The Taste Of Chicago should consider adding an entrance fee. This way people who aren't actually buying food wouldn't just arbitrarily show up to hangout. If there's a ticket price then that'll weed out the random crackheads, unruly teens, gang bangers, etc., looking to fuck things up for everyone else who's actually PAYING FOR FOOD! 

"...And please, stop bringing your babies to the Taste Of Chicago. Hell, at just about every turn I was smelling baby shit! Leave your babies and toddlers at home!"  


I also found out there were only 3 African American vendors at the Taste Of how in the hell does that happen?! Only 3 African American vendors? Total bullshit. I say bullshit because according to early figures, the Taste Of Chicago 2017 brought in over 100 MILLION DOLLARS! Too bad the myriad of African American restaurants in Chicago couldn't share in the wealth. 

It's safe to say I'll probably never attend the Taste Of Chicago, like never, ever! I advise you to do the same. Lastly, the price for food is too got damn expensive for small proportions. Totally not worth it! 

written by: jim allen