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First off let me say I have various diplomas in Biblical studies. I'm also a doctor of divinity as well as a master mason and order of the eastern star. I've studied just about all the ancient mysteries and religions of the world. 

At the end of the day the Black man has been oppressed and enslaved because he doesn't know who he really is! The Black/Negroid is so much more than what he's been told by Europeans who educate him in their system of religion, science, philosophy and world history. 

Let's jump right in...

It's interesting to note the Garden of Eden had a river flowing through Ethiopia (Genesis 2:13). The reality is Adam and Eve were Black/Negroid. They were created in the Black-land known as (Kemet) and from the black soil of Kemet (Genesis 2:7). 

However, when Adam and Eve were created so were other racial groups, which is how Cain after killing Abel was able to flee and marry a woman from another country (Genesis 4:17). Remember, according to the Bible, Adam and Eve only had two sons. Cain killed Abel which left one son, Cain. 

We then see Cain marked by God (Genesis 4:11-16) and separated from Adam and Eve... God then puts a "mark" on Cain. What was this mark? It was the stripping of his melanin, which turned Cain into an Albino.

*SIDE NOTE: this is why Lamech was afraid when Noah was born, because Noah was born an Albino yet he was still Black/Negroid. Noah's father, Lamech was afraid because to him Noah's Albino skin represented the curse of Cain (Enoch 105:1-3). 

What happens next is fascinating. Cain marries a woman. Is this woman his sister from Adam and Eve? NO! She's a woman from another racial group. Again, Adam and Eve along with their sons Cain and Abel were Black/Negroid. The melanin in Adam and Eve's DNA kept them from the burning rays of the sun. 

Noah was a Black/Negroid/Albino and so were his three sons Shem, Ham and Japheth. The three sons of Noah (Shem, Ham and Japheth) were different hues or shades of Negroid, meaning one was light skinned, one was brown skinned and the other was dark skinned, yet they all were of the Black/Negroid race (Genesis 9:18, 10:6) because of their Black/Negroid/Albino father. 

Thus when Noah cursed Canaan to serve as a slave to Shem and Japheth, he was talking about one Black brother serving his other Black brothers (not) one Black brother serving a White brother, because all three brothers were Black/Negroid! This prophecy was fulfilled when the Ethiopians colonized the ancient Egyptians (Kemet) as researched by Dr. W.E.B. Du Bois.

"...Ethiopia is thousands of years old and has never been colonized by a European nation! That's the strength of the Black/Negroid man!"

This means Jacob was Black/Negroid as well. So were his twelve sons (12 Tribes of Israel). Again, the ancient Hebrews as well as the ancient Egyptians were Black/Negroid. The only difference is one was dark skinned the other was brown skinned. This is why Moses was able to grow up in the house of Pharaoh, because he was seen as Black/Negroid regardless of his label of being a Hebrew (Acts 7:22). 

Moses was a Black Hebrew who married a Black Ethiopian. Again, both were Black/Negroid; however, they were from different ethnic groups (Numbers 12:1). It would sort of be like a Hutu marrying a Tutsi. Or an Igbo marrying someone of Yoruba heritage. 

I know it's hard to imagine the fact the Hebrews and Egyptians were Black/Negroid because most people think they were of two different races. They're not! They are one Black/Negroid race; however, they had a difference of philosophy about life. 

Example: In Africa (actually Kemet) we see those who identify as Nigerian, Ghanaian, South African, etc., those are only labels. They are the same people, they're all Black/Negroid...and yet they've raped, killed, colonized and enslaved each other. This is what happened among the ancient Black Ethiopians, Egyptians and Hebrews!

Yes, this means King David, King Solomon and Jesus were Black/Negroid! The only European people during the times of Jesus were the Romans and Greeks and we see how the Greeks and Romans treated the Black Jews and Jesus! 

"...take the Hutu and Tutsi genocide in Rwanda. Aren't both ethnic groups Black/Negroid? Yet they've raped and massacred each other. Or lets look at the Yoruba and Igbo ethnic groups of Nigeria. Aren't they both Black/Negroid? Yet both groups have a difference of opinion relative to life and culture!" 

What's interesting is the oral tradition of the Yoruba people. The Yoruba people are believed to have migrated from the region now known as the Middle East during Medieval Times. That means Blacks were in the Middle East (5th - 15th century) hundreds of years before Jews from Europe migrated to the Middle East and created the State of Israel (May 14, 1948). In fact, Blacks have been in the Middle East for thousands of years because the Black/Negroid peoples are the original Hebrew Israelites!

Actually a Black/Negroid man from Cyrene (North Africa) helped Jesus carry his cross (Matthew 27:32). Again, Jesus was Black/Negroid. There were no European-jews in the region during the times of Christ. The European-jews came May 14, 1948.    

The Jews we currently see in the so called state of Israel are European-jews. They are not the original Hebrew! Just like the current Arabs in Egypt are not descendants of the ancient Black Egyptians. 

"'s a generic example: Let's look at the United States of America. There are over forty million so called African Americans in the USA. Among them, some identify as Crips, Bloods, Vice Lords, Disciples, etc. Yes, they kill each other; however, they are all Black/Negroid people! The only difference is religion, worship, and philosophy of life!" 

CLICK ABOVE PHOTO this is the documented
seal of King Hezekiah of Judah! 
You can clearly see the Egyptian Ankh and the
sun god Amen-RA with wings and rays!

This explains why the Arabs and Europeans viciously enslaved the Black/Negroid peoples of Africa (Kemet). This is why they've tried so hard to shove their gods and religions down our throats! This is why they stripped us of our heritage and stole our history! 

The Arabs, Asians and Europeans all know the Black/Negroid race from ancient to present is the only people on earth with THOUSANDS of years of documented history and rulership as kings and queens.  

" long as the Black man in the United States of America walked together, sang we shall overcome and prayed to White Jesus, he stayed in bondage. When the Black man in the United States of America began to tap into his nature and Black nationalism is when the devil government of the United States of America had to free him. It's when the Black man began to say I'M BLACK AND I'M PROUD! I'M BLACK AND BEAUTIFUL is when he became free!"


In fact, the White race Anglo-Saxon English people claim they became a people in 5AD after they pushed the Romans out of Britain. They also claim to come from various Germanic Tribes. Click below link:

Fact of the matter is the ancient Hebrews or Egyptians were not of a German stock nor were they white-English speaking Anglo-Saxons. Just simply impossible! The ancient Egyptians and Hebrews come from the oldest peoples of the earth...the Black/Negroid race. 

"...It was the Black/Negroid race who discovered God as Amen-RA, Yahweh, Elohim, Jehovah as well as the Black/Negroid pantheon of gods and goddess of all of Africa/Kemet!" 

Click below to read about the Arab enslavement of Black people:

Black/Negroid peoples will always be a spiritual people. They will always reveal the true essence of spirituality and science. It's in their DNA to do so. The Black/Negroid wo/man will always believe there's a God, Old Man, Wise Woman or a Grand Architect of the Universe orchestrating things. 

This is why the Black Egyptians revered the Sun (Ra), because he gives life to all life on earth. The sun provides vitamin D which above all keeps one from being depressed and deficient. The Black Egyptians revered the moon (Isis), because she provides light in darkness. The moon was believed to also affect behavior (good or bad). The Black Egyptians revered the earth (Geb) because it's our source of food, shelter and life. The Black Egyptians revered the sky (Tefnut) because among her many duties, she provides rain for our harvest.  

We now know who God was talking about when he said "I will make your seed/descendants to multiply as the stars of heaven" (Genesis 26:4). God wasn't talking about the European-jews for they are only seventeen million people worldwide! God was talking about the Black/Negroid peoples which are in the hundred millions! God was talking about the African diaspora. God was talking about the Black/Negroid race being in all the countries of the world! Click below link:

The Black/Negroid race are the ones who were brought as slaves on ships as mentioned in the Bible (Deuteronomy 28:68) the word Egypt in the text simply means bondage and not the actual land of Egypt. European-jews were never brought as slaves on ships seeing that they formed as the so called State of Israel May 14, 1948! The aforementioned scripture is about the Black/Negroid race!  

Basically the Black man is the ancient Egyptian, Ethiopian and Hebrew, for those are only labels and titles, yet they are the same Black/Negroid people! That's who the Black man is. He's the conqueror and the slave. He's the king and the servant. He's the greatest mystery mankind has ever researched or studied. 

Written By: 
Jim Allen