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Chicago History Maker: Afrika Porter

Afrika Porter is indeed one of the hottest social activists in Chicago. She's well respected by religious, community and political leaders locally and nationally. 

Afrika is one of the most brilliant minds in Chicago as a whole and Black Chicago in particular. She's an alumni of Kenwood Academy High School, Bennett College, University of Chicago, and Northeastern Illinois University.


Afrika's ability to socially and economically rebuild communities is second to none. Her expertise in inner city studies is what makes her so valuable to Chicago's inner cities as well as nationally.

Afrika Porter is a public speaker, principal and CEO of Afrika Enterprises. She's also a PR Consultant for Urban Broadcast Media and the National Rainbow Coalition.

"...Afrika Porter is a highly 
sought after voice in Chicago".

Afrika has been featured in and on various news outlets, radio and television stations. She's hands down Chicago's fiercest Pan Africanist and can be seen hosting or speaking at various events and panels discussions. 

In many ways Afrika Porter has been groomed by some of Chicago's greatest male and female elders. In many ways she's been passed the torch of leadership relative to PAN Africanism in Chicago. 

"Chicago is blessed to
have Afrika Porter!"

(Afrika Porter and Carol Adams)

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 Written By:
Jim Allen