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Chicago History Maker: Noble-Ameer Ali

We at Chicago's Hottest Blog pause to pay homage to one of the most important voices in the State of Illinois and throughout the United States. 

That voice is none other than our dear friend and brother, Noble-Ameer Ali. This brother is doing some groundbreaking things throughout the entire country as it relates to gang and sectarian violence prevention. 

Noble-Ameer Ali is a former member of the Gangster Disciples. Noble-Ameer Ali heard the call of the honorable Larry Hoover and changed his life from negative to positive. 

He's now a strong proponent of Growth and Development, which is an organization dedicated to the upliftment of those incarcerated, formerly incarcerated, and those seeking positive change. 

Wallace "Gator" Bradley, Dick Gregory, Noble-Ameer Ali

Noble-Ameer Ali is an alumni of Spalding Academy-Peoria Illinois, Tennessee State University and Caterpillar University. He's the CEO of Global Noble Dynamics, which is a technology company focused on solutions for computer viruses, malware, and S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering, mathematics). 

Brother Noble is the executive director of United In Peace, INC., as well as an Urban Translator with the aforementioned organization. United In Peace, INC., is an organization co-founded by Larry Hoover.

The purpose of the organization is to change the lives of members and former members of various street gangs. Please click and watch below video concerning United In Peace, INC.

Noble-Ameer Ali is a member of various honor societies including Freemasonry, United In Peace INC., Growth and Development, and the Moorish Holy Temple of Science. 

He is a world renown scholar on ancient and modern mysteries. Noble is known as brother as well as Master Mason, Grand Sheik, Minister, and King to many throughout the United States of America. 

Brother Noble has changed the lives of thousands around the globe. His message of peace mixed with intellect, physics, psychology, and spirituality is what makes him so special. He's greatly respected by the elders of various tribes and organizations.  

...:Noble-Ameer Ali is hands down one of the smartest people I know. He's also one of the most fierce yet humble!"

He's a highly sought after motivational speaker, business consultant, urban translator, and tech instructor. For more on this amazing man please click below links:


Written By:
Jim Allen