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Chicago History Maker: Valerie F. Leonard!

Valerie F. Leonard is a serious player in Chicago. When I say player I mean "person in play" that's making major moves in Chicago. 

She's well known throughout the Chicagoland area. Her expertise is community development. She's helped countless community, private and corporate organizations relative to technical assistance, specialized workshops, organizational development, and project management.

Valerie is highly respected by religious, social, educational, and political leaders in Chicago and indeed throughout the State of Illinois. She's been featured in and on various news outlets including the Chicago History Museum. 

"...if you're looking to start a business 
or a non-profit, 
I highly suggest you contact 
Valerie F. Leonard 
as soon as possible!"

Valerie F. Leonard is an alumni of Whitney M. Young Magnet High School, Spelman College (Bachelors of Arts degree in Economics) and Northwestern University-Kellogg School of Management (Masters of Management degree in Finance and Marketing). 

Valerie has received numerous awards: Civic, social and community. She's a pillar on the West Side of Chicago and throughout the State of Illinois. 

Ms. Leonard is truly a Chicago history maker and legend! Her work spans decades of excellence and community service. She's a member of several organizations including The Lawndale Alliance, Westside Branch of the NAACP, North Lawndale Votes to name a few.

Valerie F. Leonard continues to serve her community through various organizations including but not limited to the University of Illinois. Click below link:

Valerie is the most qualified person in the State of Illinois as it relates to seriously developing communities from an organizational and economical standpoint.

If you desire to follow Valerie F. Leonard and/or have her as a speaker at your event, school, university, etc., please click below links:

Written By:
Jim Allen