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Cook County To Lose FOOD STAMP, LINK, SNAP Benefits


SNAP/FOOD STAMP recipients stand in jeopardy to losing their benefits because of the Cook County sweetened sales tax of which the government is claiming local convenient stores, mostly ran by Arabs, are misusing the system and turning FOOD STAMP dollars into CASH. 

"...over 800,000 people in Cook County will not receive FOOD STAMPS, SNAP, LINK if the "Pop Tax, Sweetened Tax" isn't fixed in the next 30 days!"

Of course this isn't anything new as it relates to local convenient stores mostly ran by Arabs, converting FOOD STAMPS into CASH. Example: $200 in FOOD STAMPS turns into $100 in CASH!


*Mainly FOOD STAMP, SNAP, LINK benefits will be taken away because of the "Pop/Sweetened Tax!" Extremely sad times for Cook County's poor people! 

Much love and respect to Maze Jackson 
and Charles Thomas for breaking this story
before WGN, ABC, NBC, CBS.
Maze Jackson and Charles Thomas
were the first to break this
story on WVON 1690 AM!  

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