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When I say "MEN HAVE TURNED WOMEN INTO HOES", I mean hoe(s) as a misnomer. The reality is men have abused women in just about every facet of life.

This abuse has caused certain pathologies in women the world over. If the world is a ghetto then men are pimps and women are... HOES!

...However, there are some women 
taking their power back and redefining sexuality. 
These are the women I celebrate.

These women are educated, sexy, intelligent and woke!
They've figured out ways to pimp men 
and in turn change the game!

This post isn't a dissertation of sorts. This post is meant to spark conversation. With that in mind, lets get down to business. Since time immemorial men have taken advantage of women mentally, spiritually and sexually. This has happened in all cultures ancient and modern. View below for a brief breakdown of the aforementioned claims.

Mentally, men have always made women think and feel as if they weren't smart enough to lead without the aid of a man. In fact, in American culture women couldn't vote, couldn't own property outside of being married, and were less educated than men. 

Women were damned to a life of house service while "massa" tiptoed and made his way down to the slave quarters for a night of fun to him but horror to African American slave girls.

Even today in America women of all racial backgrounds are treated as mentally inferior. Hell, we all know Hillary Clinton is wiser and smarter than Donald Trump, yet many (not all) White women voted for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in an almost Stockholm Syndrome type of way. According to FORTUNE magazine, 62% of White women without college degrees voted for Donald Trump. 

I mean, damn! 
This is after the whole "grab em' by the pu$$y" 
and other misogynists comments he made.

How is it in a country that boast of being at least fifty years ahead of the rest of world as it relates to innovation, technology, and science is still paying women less than men for doing the exact same work?!

Isn't that discrimination? Isn't that unconstitutional? Oh, I guess women (White, Black, Brown, Yellow, Red) don't have any rights a man is bound to respect, huh? 

Even in the corporate world...if a man sleeps his way up the food chain he's deemed witty. If a woman sleeps her way up the food chain she's deemed a HOE.

Spiritually, if the holy books i.e. Torah, Bible, Koran were all written by men, doesn't that mean man would make GOD to be like him, male? 

Wouldn't that be the logical answer as to the essence of GOD? This is why I admire the Egyptian/Kemet mysteries and others, because it pays homage to feminine energy, life force, and divinity. 

Think about this...have you ever seen a man give birth? No! So if a woman can birth without male semen (Immaculate Conception) which brought Christ into the world, what makes one think a woman is just or even more divine than a man?

Since the beginning of time men have told women the mysteries of GOD flows through them. And then there's the whole misinterpreted scenario about Eve causing the whole got damn human race to fall into sin. 

How? Because she listened to the serpent who was actually right about her eyes being opened and her understanding good and evil (Genesis 3:7) isn't that what exactly happened? Weren't their eyes opened and they understood good and evil? 

Of course they disobeyed, but because of the woman, Adam knew things about the world he didn't know. In all actuality if you study that version of things you'll see where Adam gave up his authority and followed Eve in partaking of the forbidden fruit. 

Thus Eve became the authority in that moment. Probably explains why GOD brought the Messiah into the world through the womb of a woman without man's semen? 

...the Bible describes wisdom and understanding 
as feminine energy (Proverbs 7:4) KJV.

Yet men found a way to make women feel guilty for the fall of humanity! LOL! It's the dumbest trick ever played since the beginning of time. 

In some (not all) cases, men have actually used this as a weapon to keep their foots on the necks of women. It's truly diabolical and disgusting!

Sexually, men have indeed abused women sexually since time immemorial as well. Even some of our greatest religious heroes had more than one wife. 

King David had 6 wives and still had Uriah killed in order to hide his adulterous affair with Bathsheba. King Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines (1 Kings 11:3). Like WTFudge is going on here? 

Oh, I get it. Women are cursed for causing the fall of all humanity, thus men have the right to have several wives and concubines? No! The reality is men used religion as an excuse to be promiscuous. 

Sexuality in all its beauty and ugliness is part of the human experience. However, since the beginning of time men found ways to not only express but enact their sexuality and promiscuity in every way imaginable be it heterosexual or homosexual, yet women were constricted from doing the same.

The facts are men in power rather kings, princes, etc., had sexual relationships with men, women, girls and boys. Of course it was justified and legal. Even to this day in the United States of America, men aren't nearly punished as they should be for raping a woman! 

A study from the United States Department of Justice of prison releases in 1992, involving about 80 percent of the prison population, found that the average sentence for convicted rapists was only 9.8 years, while the actual time served was only 5.4 years. 

So in the United States of America, a man can rape a woman which she will remember for the rest of her life, gets out of prison after 5.4 years. How disgusting is that?

Men in the Western world are championed for having several sex partners. Women aren't. Hell, in parts of Africa, Europe and the Middle East, polygamy is still legal. 

Even the Mormons in the United States of America once used religion as an excuse to practice polygamy. When it comes down to sexuality between what men do and what men do, there's a double standard. Men are disingenuous on this topic and have been so since or before the Garden of Eden experience.


For thousands of years men have held women back. Women are now starting to fight back against the idea men are more sex driven than women, thus it's okay for men of ancient times and even now to have a wife and concubines i.e. side chicks. 

Women aren't buying all that sociology and psychology bullshit about men being HOEish (ebonics intended) due to nature! I mean, as a man you don't think women think about blowing their co-worker or having an affair? Oh, that's just a guy thing, right? WRONG! That's a human thing that I'm not here to judge as right or wrong.  

Men are and have been the biggest HOES since time immemorial. Thus men have turned women into exactly what they themselves are. A man virgin or not is in no position to tell and or judge a woman for how many sex partners she's had. And when I say sex, I mean oral, anal, penetration, all of it!
So yes...MEN HAVE TURNED WOMEN INTO HOES! Hopefully women are enjoying everything men enjoyed while being HOES including sin, divinity, sweat, blood, lust, nut and love.

...just as men of old had several wives and concubines, so do women of the present have several niggas (Black, White, Red, Brown, Yellow) serving in various capacities. I know truth hurts, but hey, welcome to the world of karma! 

Yup, this post will piss many men off, but hey, on this rock called earth everyone must reap what they sow. Man sowed his wild oats and now it's the ladies turn...if they so desire. If not they're still well within their rights to do so. 

Written By:
Jim Allen