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Does Tasha St.Patrick Represent HURT Black Women

Of course if you watch the series POWER which comes on STARZ, then you know exactly who Tasha St.Patrick is. She's the wife of James "Ghost" St.Patrick. 

Mr. St.Patrick has cheated on his wife several times with an ex-flame named Angela. Not really trying to get into the roles of Ghost and Angela; however, Ghost has cheated with  her on numerous occasions. Tasha found out on numerous occasions.

While watching POWER, I couldn't help but notice the fact Tasha cheats with men close to the family i.e. Shawn and now the family's lawyer Terry Silver. 

Sure, we all know Tasha cheated as payback for Jamie cheating with Angela, nevertheless I thought Tasha cheating with Shawn was payback paid in full?

So far it's:
James "Ghost" St.Patrick (ONE)
Tasha St.Patrick (TWO)

The question then arose, does Tasha St.Patrick represent hurt Black women who cheat on their husbands? Again, James St.Patrick is wrong for cheating on Tasha. He's wrong for leaving her. He's wrong, wrong, wrong...and I'm sure some are saying "Two wrongs don't make a right, but it makes an equal!" Great, I get that! 

...but when women are hurt in a relationship do they cheat with someone right under their man's nose? I mean Shawn was driving Ghost around everyday and was banging his wife. 

Terry Silver is the family attorney, now he's banging Ghost's wife. Why can't Tasha meet a guy at the gym or store and bang him? Why is she always banging guys that are close to the family? 

Do hurt women who've been cheated on do the same thing? Like, will a sister bang her man's college buddy or work buddy as revenge and payback? If a man cheats on his wife should he expect payback times ten? Are the gloves totally off? Are there boundaries hurt women have when it comes to cheating? 

-Jim Allen