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From Vice Lord To College Professor!

The story of one of Chicago's greatest successes can't be told in a single post. Such is the case of Benneth Lee. Those of us who know him call him Benny. 

He was once a king within the Almighty Vice Lord Nation. He spent 15 years of his life in prison. Benneth Lee was one of the "Pontiac 17" which were 17 men from various gangs placed on death row. All were exonerated. Click below link:

It's important to note the Vice Lords were once a legal and well respected organization. They had businesses that served the African American community on the West Side of Chicago. 

Benneth Lee was part of the Vice Lords nation when it was positive and when it went negative. In fact, you can't mention Vice Lord history without mentioning Benneth Lee. Please click below link:

Benny Lee went from being a gang member. To being a gang king. To being a college professor. He's the quintessential example of fortitude, integrity and manhood. If you've ever been around him as I have, you'll always walk away from him feeling not only empowered but also educated. 

In fact, Benny Lee told me personally, Larry Hoover told him "when you get out of prison, don't come back here. 
Stay out of prison!"

Jim Allen and Benneth Lee

Benneth Lee is an alumni of Austin High School and Northeastern University. Mr. Lee earned his bachelor's and master's degree from Northeastern University and is a university professor at the prestigious Jacob H. Carruthers Center for Inner City Studies - Northeastern Illinois University.  

Mr. Lee has received numerous awards including an award from the U.S. Department Of Justice. He has traveled throughout the United States of America as well as internationally (Israel and Africa) as a trainer and consultant as it relates to gang and sectarian violence. 

", father, mentor, king, educator...
that's who Benny Lee is!"
-Jim Allen

Benny has dedicated his life to changing the lives of the downtrodden no matter their race or creed. He's a co-founder of the organization National Alliance for the Empowerment of the Formely Incarcerated. 

Benneth "Benny" Lee is what every man that's ever been down should look up to and aspire to be. He's for sure the most important voice in Chicago and indeed the State of Illinois as it relates to solutions to recidivism and gang violence prevention!

Thank you Mr. Lee for all you've done, and for all you continue to do!

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Written By:
Jim Allen