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Insecure Recap 2:3

Dear Tasha, 
I apologize. I still don’t really like you.  And your face still looks like you had some development issues in utero, but I am sorry for looking at you thru main chick eyes instead of just regular ol’ trying-to-make-it-the-best-way-we-know-how woman eyes.  XOXO, M. 
With that unpleasantness out the way….
And as quick as she came…Tasha, (no Trasha this week) is gone.  “Mya? What she did to kick herself out a relationship,” you ask?  She responded in kind to a man that acted like he wanted a relationship. HOW DUMB IS SHE to believe someone wants to be with her just ‘cuz he acting like he wants to be with her?! Stupid heffa. (more)