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Insecure Recap 2.6

The title of the week’s episode is Hella Blows, but I submit it should have been named Hella Blown, cuz that’s how I felt after watching it.
Who wrote this?  Who?  The oldest white woman in the room bringing her thoughts of the urban “female” experience?  The oldest black woman in the room bringing her mother’s  1950’s sensibilities with her? The last hold over from the Golden Girls?  Joking on that last one, the Golden Girls writers were way more risky than whoever crafted this script.  I’m seriously at a loss because Issa’s story line did not track for me.  I’ll get into my generation’s hoetations in a moment, but first…..
The Rotten Rence of Tech-Air
WHOOT WHOOT! We aint never got to hear about that damn app that kept him on he and Issa’s shared couch for two years.  The powers that be at his place of employ are non-plussed with Lawrence’s idea, which sounds a lot like technology that almost EVERY app already has.  Shocking.  There he was standing up there beaming at his idea – which, honestly, he should – oblivious to the fact that whatever he is selling is not being bought, but hey, his energy is liked, his kicks are dope and his skin is black – he good.  A well intentioned co-worker tried to let him know what was what but he wasn’t going, until he spoke to his bosses and picked up what they were putting down.  #RIPWhoot, we barely knew you.  But I’m pretty sure Young Rence is gonna get to know the inside of well-intentioned co-worker’s guts, really well. (more)