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Insecurities 2.4

This week, we see yet another cautionary tale bout messin with YT womins…..but later for that.  I wanna talk about the true star of this episode: Kelly.
Dear Kelly, 
Thank you for joining Molly and Issa at Kiss n Grind. Thank you for pouring out Molly’s drink.  Thank you for that color blocked dress. Thank you for kicking them young thotarellas out your section – repeatedly. Thank you for saying you would fuck Derek – repeatedly.  Thank you for getting finger popped at that diner.  Thank you for your cheat day.
Dear Lawrence,
Oh sweetie.  Soon as I saw them two YT womins I knew what time it was.  How you ain’t know is beyond me. What I do know is that when white people start buying drinks, you stick around, NOT run out the store to get to your BOYS crib? (more)