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Insecurities 2.5

Love or something, is EVERYWHERE this episode!
Daniel <3 font="" issa="" s="">
Oh boy.  This boy is headed for some major heartbreak – and everyone can see it coming except him.  He was everywhere for her this episode.  Opening his front door for a daylong romp. (Can I say here how I just love those flings with an old reliable?! Nothing like it.) Buying her pastrami tacos in an attempt to keep her around after she tries to make her2:30am post coital escape.  On the other end of a “wyd l8r” text when she is concerned a Tinder date may not work out.  At the scene of the accident, hugging his boo and reassuring her that he has her, no matter the circumstance, freaking her the hell out.  Two pairs of big girl panties for Issa stopping that shit, or trying to, at that exact moment.  She told him she fucked shit up the first time around and she had no intentions of leading her FWB astray ever again.  He said he got it; but he didn’t the awkward way he let her go as they walked to his truck.  They never do…..
Lawrence <3 font="" media="" s="" social="">
You may not want to admit it, but 3/4’s of us have been where young Rence found himself Sunday night and the other 1/4 of you are lying about it.  It starts innocently enough. You just scrolling through YOUR social media feed minding your own business, when in the background of a friends pic you see your man with his hand on the ass of Maxine Shaw Attorney at Law – literally.  For real her.  Erika Alexander.  Just me, huh?  Fine.  So then you gotta go on Erika’s LinkedIn; then her Insta; then her Snap; then you gotta go and see if her MySpace is still active before you know it is 3 in the morning, you’ve snatched out the tracks from your bun, three empty bottles of Ginger Angry Orchard surround the sofa and your eyes are bloodshot, but you are now armed with the information that Ms. Alexander USED to have a perm while she hashtagging everything #teamnatural and she was Mrs. Pettigrew’s favorite Composition student.(more)