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New Colonia: Reparations Realized.

I lied.  I did.  I lied to y’all.  I didn’t mean to, but I did.  It wasn’t even my fault, but I did.  It happened.
An entry or ten ago, I wrote about how rage-filled I was about the new show from the Game of Thrones production team.  Following the success of The Man in the High Castle, a show that imagines if the Nazi’s won World War II, those Games of Thrones sonsofbitches, along with two black folksthey trotted out in an effort to squash the ensuing outrage, are bringing to HBO a show that imagines that the south won the Civil War and slavery still exists, Confederate. FUNNERS!  Let’s watch a show the re-imagines the darkest part of our history that some think we should just get over! Can’t think of a better way to spend a night of tv watching.  Damn, I lied again.
There is a show that takes us back in time and asks us to look at that period through a different lens, a lens that shows what life would have been like for us if we got that forty acres and ol’ Bessie as we were promised, and this show, my dear Myalogists, is BLACK AMERICA. This show(more)

Written By: Mya Seals