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Power 4.9

Saturday night I attended the bbq of someone whose food I love ALMOST more than I love him.  I got to the party late and could only get one of his world famous (or at least south side famous) chicken burgers, which I promptly wrapped up and took to my car, so I could continue the reverie.  I was so excited to get home and eat that burger while watching Power, which is exactly what I did.  First, I pre-post-gamed.  I knew that would lead to me becoming even more hungry, thereby intensifying my love for the food and the show.  When I tell you that when I got to the end of the show and the end of my chickenburger, I was left depleted, chicken literally dropping from my agape mouth as I sat there heartbroken over someone I never even really cared about.
Tommy Teresi, Psychopath
See, here is a word that we throw around ALOT, but in some cases it is exactly the word we should be using.  Tommy is crazy as fuck, certifiably.  There are not many people who would choke up their mother while confessing to murdering their baby mama, but hey that’s just how Tommy is right? We repeatedly see him do crazy shit and just love him anyway.  Well that’s good because he needs our help and love now more than ever.  Dre’s masterful plan has come together and Tommy is without his drugs, his money, his organization and he fucked around and let the coke and the anger leave him without Ghost. (more)