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RECAP: The Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay.

After viewing Rachel's selection from the Bachelorette last night, I believe she followed her heart and selected the bachelor  she had the greatest chemistry with and who also aligned closely with her values. 

While there were a few black bachelors vying for her heart, she chose to go outside of her race. Rachel's choice doesn't take away from those men.  

I think they were excellent men, but maybe simply for someone else. Some viewers (namely black) are angered by this. But I think the greatest factor in her selection stems from there not being a large pool of black bachelors to choose from in the first place out of the competing bachelors, basically poor representation.

Perhaps if there were more black bachelors competing, she might have chosen black. 

This disparity is reflective of the every day ills many black women face day to day in the dating world, except they're not on a televised reality show. 

While I believe most black women would prefer to date/marry within their race, the availability just isn't there. I admire the strength and tenacity of black men. 

However, their greatest flaw is the unwillingness to commit and their persistence in keeping up gender wars by blaming black women for their shortcomings. 

In an effort to attain a long term relationship and/or marriage, many black women are casting their nets a little wider and choosing to crossover. I fully support this. Love has no color. 

Written By: Stephanie Coleman
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