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Ruth Asked Boaz To Marry Her?

Hmmm, we've all heard, read and was told about the Biblical story of Ruth and Boaz. In fact I recently did a post titled "You Don't Need Boaz. You need Jacob". The post can be viewed by clicking this link: However, as I reexamine the Biblical story of Ruth and Boaz, it seems Ruth through the urging of her former mother-in-law and now friend Naomi, asked Boaz to marry her.

No, Ruth didn't get down on one knee and propose as we see Westerners and Americans do, but her persistence and constant making herself available to be seen and had sexually by Boaz seems to be a form of proposal (Ruth 3:1-4) for in ancient times to have sex with a woman made her your wife or concubine.

In the book of Ruth chapter 3 verses ten and eleven, Boaz commends Ruth for not running after younger men...he then tells her "I will do all that you ASK!" What was Ruth asking? 

Duh, she was asking Boaz to marry her! Boaz married Ruth not only because he was her kinsmen redeemer, but also because she asked him! 

In some African societies, women propose marriage to men. This has been happening since time immemorial. Click this link: 

I've heard people say "It's gay for a woman to propose to a man!" Huh, gay? Like what the hell is gay about a heterosexual woman proposing to a heterosexual man? Maybe gay isn't the right word...maybe you're just homophobic?! 

"In ancient times parents found wives and husbands for their sons and daughters. The concept of a man proposing on one knee wasn't thought of! Marriage was a family decision!"

Of course in America a woman asking a man to marry her is frowned upon, but the cultural norms of America shouldn't stop a woman from asking her man to give her more out of life than date nights, a little money and a wet ass! 

A woman should always understand she has the right to tell the man she loves "Listen, where is this going? I can't afford to be your girlfriend for the next few years and no commitment. Either were getting married or no more ass!" 

Written By:
Jim Allen