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Trifling Single Black Men in Chicago!

Chicago is indeed a gritty city on all sides (North, South, East, West). Many move to Chicago with hopes of making it big, only to eventually leave degraded and defeated. 

Hell, even native Chicagoans are leaving the windy city. There are many reasons for the mass exodus of black folks from Chicago, including the inability to break into the social scene in black Chicago.

The social scene in black Chicago is extremely hard to break into. Mainly because there's a plethora of cliques, crews, squads, groups, etc., all claiming to be the "creme de la creme" of black Chicago, while just about all producing nothing but jealousy.

Of course this article isn't to say ALL single black men in Chicago are trifling, but it is to say all single black men within this article are trifling. 

Below you will find a category of characteristics relative to single black men in Chicago that are trifling and/or have done trifling things. These men will be ranked by their social and educational status. A-B class, C-D class, F-class.

A and B class single black men in Chicago are usually brothers with bachelor's, master's, or doctorate degrees. These men tend to think because they're educated they bring more to the table than those beneath them. The truth is education isn't always the first thing a woman looks at when looking for a mate. 

A and B class single black men in Chicago in my Ebonics voice are the biggest hoes' in Chicago! Most are beta-Extroverts at best. They are the loud brothers at functions commandeering everyone's time and space. 

They are the type of brothers that will ask you ", what do you do for a living?" You reply and they say "Oh, I use to do that type of work in undergrad". 

A and B class single black men in Chicago are the biggest hoes because in many cases they've had opportunities with some great single black women; however, they just can't stop sticking their dicks in other women. The concept of "well, everyone has some type of character flaw" is very real to them and they use that concept to justify being a hoe. 

Most A and B class single black men in Chicago are educated and initiated. Most (not all) grew up in Jack and Jill, and have parents that are very successful. 

Ladies, because of their own insecurities, you can expect A and B class single black men in Chicago to make you feel intellectually stupid. This will go on throughout your entire relationship. Trust me.

Oftentimes, A and B class single black men in Chicago were losers back in grade school and high school. Most of them weren't jocks and couldn't get a girl's attention if they paid for it.

These bitter, spiteful, hateful black men then go off to college...rack up massive degrees in an attempt to brag and somehow revenge the past of them being losers. Or they'll join a fraternity thinking somehow this changes the fact they were loners in grade and high school.  

A and B class single black men in Chicago are experts at using women and dumping them after they've drained them of every ounce of resource possible.

A and B class single black men in Chicago will make you feel ugly. Always make excuses why they can't spend quality time with you. Only come around when they want something from you. Make you think and feel you're never good enough, and no man wants you, thus you should be thankful to even be in their presence. 

Most of them fail to even see a lot of their actions is steeped in personal pain. They become pathological and self-conscious, which leads to the demise of their relationships.  

C and D class single black men in Chicago often have associate degrees. These men know they aren't socially or educationally upper class; however, you can find them as youth pastors and in some cases senior pastors doing some of the most diabolical and egregious stuff. Most C and D class single black men in Chicago are religious hypocrites. 

Nevertheless, there are some C and D class single black men in Chicago that aren't religious at all. But the ones who are will screw ten sisters from church and receive head (oral sex) from God knows how many sisters from the church before they finally decide on the one they wanted all along. 

Or they'll just screw several sisters from the church and all over the city and then when they get caught up they block sisters phone numbers and email them all like "So yeah, I'm going on a Christian sabbatical! God told me I need to get right before his eyes." 

"...nigga, you just got your dick sucked by several different sisters from the church. Plus you screwed several of them and now you want to go on a Christian sabbatical?!" Boy you outta quit! 

C and D class religious hypocrite type shit right here! 
Click red link:

C and D class black men in Chicago tend to think because they have a job making $10 an hour, they're somehow the cat's meow. You can find them on social media bragging about "Time to chase this paper!" Bruh, you bring home less than $300 every pay period...what kind of paper are you chasing? LOL! 

C and D class single black men in Chicago usually prey on black women who aren't all that educated because they know the educated sisters won't give them the time of day. So they settle for women that have many children. In their minds they think a woman with many children should be grateful they even decided to give them a chance. 

F-class single black men in Chicago are indeed the lowest of them all. On most cases they have very little education ranging from an eight grade diploma, GED or high school diploma (maybe). 

These type of brothers can't seem to stay out of jail. Maybe it's something in jail they miss and like i.e. dick?! 

F-class single black men in Chicago have 3,4,5, etc., baby mommas. They are mostly jobless and don't want to work. These ninjas are baby making machines. 

"...they're like the black male slaves that were used by white slave owners on the plantation to sire children by different 
slave women for the benefit of slave labor!"

In essence that's exactly what's happening! They sire black children into the world. Don't stick around to provide fathership and/or guidance, which in effect their children end up on the white man's modern day plantation...PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX!  

F-class single black men have no sense of decorum. You'll find them out and about with their pants hanging beneath their asses sporting a dingy white t-shirt. 

These type of brothers have no qualms inboxing women on social media, begging them if they could eat their asses? Or if they could give them head (oral sex?)

You can also find F-class single black men in Chicago on social media recording themselves beating their sons as if they've always been in their son's life... Ninja just got out of jail trying to make an example out of a child that probably isn't his on social media. 

F-class single black men in Chicago are the greatest fuck boys on the planet. Please avoid them at all cost!

The sad part is the aforementioned characteristics cross into other classes. The reality is it's hard to find a decent black man in Chicago. Trifling single black men in Chicago are all hoes. Plain and simple.

If you find a good black man in Chicago, please thank the MOST HIGH for blessing you, because these trifling ass no good single black men in Chicago have jaded most (not all) of the good black women in Chicago. 

The results have led a number of single Black women in Chicago to accept mental, verbal and even physical abuse. The self esteem of a lot of single black women in Chicago has been beaten into the ground. 

They've lost all hopes of love and a meaningful future with black men from Chicago.We have trifling single black men in Chicago to thank for that!

...and even though most black women in Chicago (single and married) know the above to be the absolute truth, they will still find a way to defend trifling ass no good single black men. It's that good ole "Stockholm Syndrome" they can't seem to shake.

Because they aren't being confronted, this means trifling single black men in Chicago can't and in most cases won't change!       

Written By:
Jim Allen