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Who & What, Are The African Americans?

The debate over the term African American seems to upset some and confuse others. Most African Americans don't know what being African American really is. 

Some say "You're not African American, you're a Hebrew Israelite!" Some say "You're not African American, you're a Moor!" 

Then there are those who say "Well, you're not African because you don't know what tribe you come from. Nor do you speak any African languages!" 

The latter is the dumbest sh-t I've ever heard in my entire life. Let's look at the African American in an oversimplified way (basically, let's make it plain and in layman's terms). 

In 1619 when the first Africans were brought to America as slaves, where did they come from? Duh, Africa! After 1619 where did the rest of African slaves come from? Duh, they came from Africa! 

Sure, their language and culture over time was stomped out; however, the idea that language and culture changes one genetic makeup is extremely silly and laughable to say the least. 

"...I mean, because I speak English does that make 
me an Englishmen? Ha! Of course not! 

In other words, if a kitten is raised by dogs does that mean the kitten isn't a cat? Of course it is and no matter how much the kitten barks like a dog it's still genetically a got damn cat! 

We all know African Americans aren't 100% African due to forced and accepted sexual intercourse with white slave masters, nevertheless, most African Americans are genetically predominantly African. 

I recently did a DNA test through and found out I'm genetically 2% Asia, 11% European and 87% African. My African DNA matched throughout Africa: 

Benin/Togo 37%, 
Nigeria 24%, 
Ivory Coast/Ghana 14%, 
Senegal 4%, 
Cameroon/Congo 3%, 
Africa Southeastern Bantu 3%, 
Mali 1%, 
Africa South-Central Hunter Gatherers 1%. 

I'm genetically 87% African! I'm proud of my amalgamated African heritage. I'm 87% African and the lack of African culture or language can't ever change my DNA, ethnic, genetic makeup. where did the term African American come from? Yes, Rev. Dr. Jesse L. Jackson Sr made the term African American popular, however, the term "African American" was used in 1782! Click below link:

According to scientists, 
no one is 100% one pure race or ethnicity! 
Yeah...let that sink in!

Are African Americans the descendants of ALIENS? No! African Americans are the descendants of Africans. Like why in the hell can't people grasp that very elemental point?! 

In essence there's really no such thing as a Black or White race in're either African American, Chinese American, Mexican American, Puerto Rican American, European American, Native American, etc!

African American is a tribe. The African American has a culture that consists of family, faith, food, music, education, and economics. The African American speaks many languages. The African American has several rites of passage, initiation processes, fraternities and sororities. 

African American women are the most educated group in the United States of America and the fastest growing entrepreneurs in the United States of America in the last five years or more! Click below links:

The African American is one tribe with over 37 million people in the United States of America! African American buying power is more than $1.3 trillion dollars, this means if African Americans were a country, they'd be the 16th largest country in the world as it relates to buying power. 

Do you understand that? Let me say it again, African American buying power is more than $1.3 trillion dollars annually! To put it in layman's terms, African Americans as a whole got plenty of money. 

Just as every other ethnic group in America, African Americans have many in poverty as well. African Americans continue to face racism in the United States of America as it relates to justice, equal pay, bank loans and overall institutional racism. 

For sure, African Americans still have a long way to go even though they were enslaved from 1619 to 1865 = 246 years of slavery. Plus 100 years of legal segregation 1865 - 1965 (locked out of good jobs, disenfranchised, no civil rights, etc). 

The African American has been considered a full citizen with civil rights for only 52 years (1965 - 2017 = 52) even though African Americans have been in America as slaves under the British crown and current government structure since 1619!

Think about that for a second...African Americans been in North America since 1619 and only have 52 years of civil rights including the right to vote, go to any school, live in any community, attend any movie theater, go to any park, eat at any restaurant, etc. 

African Americans are the brothers and sisters sold and stolen from their homeland. Raped in a foreign land under the most intense pressure humankind ever witnessed and yet African Americans hold on to their ethnic, genetic makeup as if it was 1619 and they just arrived on foreign soil as slaves from Africa.

That's who the African American is. Most African Americans are proud of the amalgamated blood of various African ethnic groups running in their veins. In fact, that's what makes them so diverse, intelligent, innovated, and beautiful. 

African Americans continue to defy the odds. It was African Americans pressuring president Ronald Reagan and others to speak out thwarts apartheid in South African. It was African Americans speaking out against the imprisonment of brother Nelson Mandela. It was African Americans who played a leading role in organizing the first PAN African congress to unite people of African descent the world over!

* Don't forget, Liberia a country in Africa was founded and settled in 1822 by 86 former African American slaves! Yes, 86 African Americans sailed on the Elizabeth to the West Coast of Africa and founded the independent nation of Liberia!

Joseph Jenkins Roberts 
born in America (March 15, 1809).
First (1848-56) and seventh (1872-76)
 President of Liberia

What's the word? Johannesburg! Indeed, African Americans have been fighting for the liberation of Africa for years!

" short, stop saying stupid stuff like 'African Americans' don't know who they are, they don't know where they come from!' Dude you are the descendants of Africa! Wake up"


Written By:
Dr. Jim Allen