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How To Stop Your Man From Cheating...

Let's get something straight, a woman can't stop a man from cheating. A man will only stop cheating when he's mature enough to understand certain physical and metaphysical principles of life.

In other words, a man must learn how to conquer his sexual propensities and desires. This takes years to accomplish; however, there are some exceptions to the rule.

"...a man who can't control his penis,
also can't control his life!"

There are men who've never cheated on their lovers. And there are men married for 50 years, but only faithful for 2 of those years. DAMN! 48 years of cheating and supporting a love child his wife and family knew nothing about.

In my opinion there are 3 types of cheaters. Checkout the 3 types of cheaters below:

1) The Whorish Cheater. Some cheat because they're just whorish. These types of cheaters can have the baddest chick at the crib. She cooks, cleans, works, gives him all kinds of sexual pleasure...yet he wants to be a hoe (whore). These types of cheaters are impulse cheaters. 

2) The Conservative Cheater. You have cheaters who desire to cheat, but will only do it under certain circumstances such as "my lover made me mad, thus I'm going to cheat". Or they'll cheat after days of wooing, afternoon lunch dates and secret rendezvous. This gives them the excuse their cheating occurred via seduction, even though in the back of their minds they wanted it to happen. Conservative cheaters are premeditated cheaters. 

3) Lastly, you have the Executive Cheaters. These types of cheaters are extremely cautious. They count up the cost before they make a move. An executive cheater is someone who cheats with other married people, this way both parties have something to lose in case their secret ever gets out. Executive cheaters only cheat with people on their social and/or economical level. These types of cheaters are cunning, manipulative, charismatic and highly educated. They're also dangerous.

According to research, 8 out of 10 men cheat. That's pretty damn sad. Most American men cheat because society in a sense encourages sexual exploration for boys at an early age. 

American boys are taught through popular culture, it's okay to sleep with many women. It's okay to lust after many's okay to walk up to them and grab them by the pu$$y! 

Adolescents who sleep with many girls or have sexual encounters are praised as being "the BIG MAN" at school. This spills over into college life as well. The more sexual partners a man has the more he's seen as the big man on campus.

As time goes on it becomes hard for a man to simply turn on and off his sexual desires that's been allowed and encouraged since childhood. 

Out of hundreds of men I asked "did your parents ever tell you your body was special? Did your parents ever tell you not to allow girls to touch you?" Most of them said NO! 

In some cases their fathers encouraged them after finding out Sally gave their son a blowjob after school.

A man stops cheating when he sees the emotional damage it causes. When he begins to count up the cost of sharing himself with various women. 

When he develops the mentality "From here on out I'm going to be a man of honor! I'm going to live by my word! I'm going to stand on something! I'm going to stand for something. If I give my word of faithfulness to a woman, then I'm going to at least stand on my word!"

You see, faithfulness is a personal and internal thing. A man must purposely set his mind and heart on being faithful. 

It can't be based on whether his lover makes him mad or won't suck his cock, thus he cheats. No! Faithfulness, must be internal and unconditional. It must be something you stand on regardless of the pressure.

"Out of all the things a man can be in a relationship,
don't allow unfaithfulness to be one!"

Sure, no man is perfect, but that doesn't mean a man shouldn't have certain principles he lives by and is willing to die for., you're not God's gift to all women! No, your dick isn't the biggest. No, you're probably not the best lover she's ever had. Get over your ego and stand for something for once in your life. 

As a man you must set limits on yourself. There are certain things you simply must refuse to do. If a man can't stand on his own word, then why should anyone on earth take him seriously? 

When a man truly understands the sanctity of sexual intercourse...when a man begins to respect his ethos, aura, essence, spirit, and body is when he'll stop freely sharing himself with everything that has a vagina. 

Written By:
Jim Allen