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Insecurities 2.8

I (handclap emoticon) FUCKING (handclap emoticon) LOVED(handclap emoticon) THIS (handclap emoticon) EPISODE.
It was so surreal.  Like a fever dream.  Like my favorite dream-state episodes of the Sopranos that most people hated.  I was distracted when it first came on, so I missed the whole “30 Days” title card.  I’m watching the shit, like why are we spending SO much time with Lawrence.  Please don’t let this be a Rence-centric episode, Lawd!  But by the 30 Days with Molly, I caught on and fell DEEPLY and INSTANTLY in love with this episode – the direction, the staging, the pacing and OF COURSE the music – the fourth lead on this show.  So we got three Issa Rae delivered topics to stick with, so let’s do it.
The namesake of the Lawrence-hive seems to be all in to his relationship with Jasmine, I mean Arpana.  Can we pause and collectively acknowledge just how fucking ignit and apparently racist Chad is for calling that brown woman Jasmine.  Got damn don’t change, my dude. Not ever.  So yeah, they are juicing and juicin and running marathons and going on dates and she’s giving him work advice and in true emo form, my dude cannot rest his jealous, insecure, brain.  This is what happens when a woman “ruins” a man and he goes out into the world ill-equipped to deal with his pain.  Listen, I re-watched all of the show this weekend and while I am decidedly NOT #teamlawrence, Issa was wr, wro, wron – YOU KNOW WHAT THE HELL IM TRYING TO SAY! Shit wasn’t cool, Iss….not being direct with him, evading him, camping out at Molly’s, breaking up with him (kinda) and then walking out the door, he was well within his rights to have sex with a high functioning down’s syndrome sufferer.  (more)