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Meet Oprah's Hairstylist!

Nicole Mangrum and Oprah Winfrey 

Of course you know by now Oprah slayed at this years Emmy Awards. Not only was she super sharp, but her hair was AMAZING! I mean...Queen Oprah is always flawless, but last night her swag was on a whole another level. 

Oprah's hair was done by Chicago's very own Nicole Mangrum. Nicole is a celebrity hairstylist. Her clients include some of the biggest names in Hollywood and politics.

Nicole Mangrum is an alumni of Roberto Clemente High School, and the prestigious Pivot Point Academy. She's a native Chicagoan.  

Nicole has defied the odds. She's proved no matter ones struggles in life, if you're willing to work hard you to can be among the stars! Thank you Nicole Mangrum for being Chicago strong.

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Written By: Jim Allen