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Powerful Thoughts 4.10

Myalogists:  I want y’all to understand, before we start, that all the events below happened in ONE DAY.
Y’all, did our dear Courtney achieve the up-until-now impossible? Did she make us like Tariq? Or at least respect him?
Reign of Tariq
Reign?  Raina? Rain? Reign?  No?  Skip y’all. Our junior hero opens up the show this week denying to the police and his family that he knows anything about Raina’s killer.   Which is good because from the way his parents are acting mere hours after losing her, either they don’t know she is dead or they don’t care.  Two tears in a bucket huh, St. Patricks? Fuck it! So home they go from the police station, to a house full of folks, one of whom thinks it’s a good time to tell Tasha that “everything happens for a reason.” Man, eff that b.  I would have c*nt-punched her ass before she could get to her reason.  Even though he is surrounded by folks, Tariq finds the time to get understandably high and conduct a little intel.  He reaches out to Kanan to find out RayRay’s location, but doesn’t tell him why.  In his ONE inexplicable dumb ass move, Tariq takes Tasha’s gun and sets out for blood.  BOY, why you taking a legit gun to go kill someone? He goes over to Truth to find Dre and does what every single character Dre has encountered to date should have done, sticks a gun in his ribs and forces the truth out of him.  He tells that fucka that if he don’t tell him where RayRay at, he telling it all, every single thing that Ghost and Tommy should be present and intelligent enough to see.  Dre relents and tells him where to find the killer cop.  Tariq heads there and arrives moments before his parents and uncle. Ghost sees Tariq in the elevator from bout a block away (lol what) which causes him to break in the building and ascend the stairs to the fifth floor, just before Tommy, followed by Tasha.  Tariq and RayRay have a ten minute conversation, recapping Raina’s death, RayRays choice of soft vs. hard shell tacos, whether or not Tariq wrapped up before fucking his lil cuz and the best way to make a great roux, while Ghost and Tommy are running up FIVE FLIGHTS OF STEPS.  They all arrive in sequential order at the door right after gunshots ring out to find Tariq standing over RayRay’s dead body – asking the same damn thing.  “Are you okay?” BANG UP JOB WRITERS.  Yeah, he’s okay, as okay as anyone in his position can be.  (more)