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Should Activists' Be PAID?

There are several mainstream or should I say very high profile activists' in Chicago. One of those activists is a man by the name of Andrew Holmes.

Mr. Holmes is a highly decorated activist, he's also well respected. Holmes has recently found himself in a bit of controversy relative to video footage concerning the death of Kenneka Jenkins (19 year old Black woman who died inside a broken hotel freezer). Click below link for more on that story:

Holmes (a well respected) Chicago activist made statements to the effect he visually saw footage of Kenneka walk into the freezer. The family lawyers of Kenneka Jenkins claims no footage exist. The aforementioned has brought about a lot of frustration and anger in Chicago within the activists community and the general public.

Many are claiming the activists motives are for personal financial gain. In other words the public is saying Chicago activists are only in it for fame and the possibility of getting paid.

The question becomes how can an activists get paid from a tragedy that isn't directly connected to his or her family? Well, there are several ways, but we'll look at two below.

1) Activist that are well known can organize hundreds of people at any given time to protest and march anywhere in the city and/or shutdown traffic including expressways. There are activists that hold a tremendous amount of power.

That power can also translate into dollars. Thus a shakedown of any local store owner or corporation. Meaning, if an activist is paid by a politician to organize protests and marches in front of a business that doesn't want to "pay to play", that business would ultimately feel the pressure and acquiesce. Or the activist can cut out the middle man i.e. politician, pastor, etc., and shakedown a business on his own.

2) There are a few activists that are paid "finder's fees" from various law offices. Example: police kill an unarmed Black person. The activists show up on the scene immediately to establish himself as the family liaison; however, he's also there to recommend a lawyer to the family. The family doesn't know he's getting a "finder's fee", which could be pretty substantial.

Can you imagine being paid 5-10 percent on every case you find? Bruh, we're talking multimillion dollar cases. Let's say a lawyer gets the city to settle for $5 million dollars in a wrongful death suit.

The lawyer get $2 million. The family gets $3 million. And the activist who connected to family to the lawyer gets 5 to 10 percent from the lawyers $2 million dollar cut. The activist walks away with $100,000 - $200,000 dollars. Sounds like a great payday to me!

It's important to note there's a difference between ACTIVISTS, ORGANIZERS and PROTESTERS!

Activists are people who fight for various causes. They show up with bullhorns and bring awareness to issues they are passionate about. Most activists do not run organizations, thus they aren't organizers in the traditional sense. Activists cover wide areas from local to national. Activists are reactive.  

Organizers of which former president Barack Obama was...are people who run organizations. They actually have set agendas. They oversee community meetings. They have structure relative to officials within their organizations (president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and so on). They fight for causes from a more stable position. Whereas activists are impulsive, organizers aren't! Organizers are proactive.

Protesters are the amazing people who hear the clarion call of activists and organizers, and avail themselves to support issue(s) they're passionate about. Oftentimes protesters are used as pawns relative to how many people activists and organizers can mobile at any giving time. Most protesters have no clue activists and organizers are being paid. However, some protesters are "Paid Provocateurs!"

* Nevertheless, if an activist is galvanizing people around a certain issue, being arrested, spending nights in lockup, applying pressure that's leading to families receiving multimillion dollar lawsuits, shouldn't s/he be paid for their labor?

I mean, fair is fair! If activists are being (used) for their ability to apply pressure and receive results then shouldn't they be compensated?

Is it possible to be a "Crusader Capitalist?" Why should activists be left out when families and lawyers are receiving millions of dollars directly and indirectly connected to pressure from activists?

"...not all activists and organizers are on the take. Some are genuinely fighting for their communities, and some aren't!"

Written By:
Jim Allen