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What Do Black Men Want?

Black women in America been asking this question for centuries. Even on the plantation Black women weren't sure what Black men wanted. I mean...Black men have always been objectified as hyper sexual beasts. Besides slave labor, Black men were also used on the plantation to breed with as many slave girls and women as possible. some cases, Black men were blindfolded and made to have sex with and impregnate their own mothers. Thus the term motherf-cker.

Black men were also at times (not all) seduced by White women for sex as well. It's possible many Black people in America are more related than they think. Same daddy, different momma. Life on the plantation.

Fast forward to 2017 and Black women are asking themselves at groups discussions, at forums, everywhere...just what in the hell do Black men want as it relates to a relationship? Well, below are a few things Black men want in a relationship. Of course I won't post all nor will this be a dissertational type post. But it will be room left to spark debate.

1) Black men want a woman who understands their struggle (whatever that might be) and allow them the space to deal with their shortcomings.

2) Black men tend to shy away from confrontational women, meaning A-type women who seem to think they can make a man into what he's supposed to be even though they've never been a man in their entire lives.

3) Black men want a woman that's classy in public, but nasty in private. In other words, Black men want sex at least 1 - 2 times a week.

*Separate from sexual intercourse, Black men want (HEAD) i.e. fellatio 2 - 3 times a week. Black men are always down for a quickie... 

4) Most Black men don't mind being challenged, but many don't want to deal with a woman who's also challenging her man's position, thus causing him to second guess himself. A man wants to lead organically.

5) Black men totally love women who support them first. In other words if a woman is always talking about what another man is doing and she rarely supports her own man's dreams, goals and ambitions, trust and believe he's going to shutout every word she says about other men.

Like how the hell you bragging about what Tony Gaskins said and you don't even respect what your man says? LOL! Most men are jealous, so be sure to support him first before you support any other man.

6) Black men adore women that are interdependent. A woman who feels she don't need a man will end up without a man. Black men love to feel needed in certain areas.

7) Black men (the good ones) want trust in their relationships. Always accusing a man for deeds he didn't commit will quickly destroy any relationship. 

8) Black men are fascinated by a woman that's comfortable in her own skin. Size, skin color, nor height doesn't really matter to Black men. Confidence in self is what matters above physical appearance. 

9) Black men love a woman who knows how to uplift them. Jackie Wilson said it best "Your love, lifting me higher than I've ever been lifted before, so keep it up, quench my desire and I'll be at your side forever more." In a relationship, most (not all) Black men find belittling their mate to be a bit annoying.

10) Black men respect a woman that doesn't easy give her attention to other men. Trust and believe your man sees and knows just about how much attention you give to other men and their social media platforms.

11) Black men love a woman that's adventurous (hiking, road trips, exercising, etc).

The above are some of the elemental things Black men want in a relationship. Thank you for reading. Peace!

Written By:
Jim Allen