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Can Master P and Colin Kaepernick Start Their Own Professional Football League?

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We all know Colin Kaepernick remains out of a job relative to him playing in the NFL. Master P has stepped up and even mentioned Colin Kaepernick and himself starting their own professional football league. Of course many think the idea is lofty and laughable. 

Where would they get the funding? Who would their sponsors be? Where would teams play? See, that's the problem with small minded people, they always underestimate the ingenuity and history of African Americans. And when I say history I'm talking about the fact African Americans founded professional sports leagues in the past. 

In 1920, Andrew "Rube" Foster founded the Negro National League. Several Negro leagues started after the Negro National League. The famous Jackie Robinson played in the Negro leagues for the Kansas City Monarchs. Robert "Satchel" Paige also played in the Negro leagues.

A good friend of mine, one Ray "Boo Boy" Knox played in the Negro leagues. Mr. Knox played for the Chicago America Giants and the New Orleans Eagles. He was a Cather. According to my good friend Mr. Knox, the Negro leagues had nearly 70 teams, at that time the Major League had only 16 teams. Also, 6 White men and 3 Black women played in the Negro leagues.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Ray "Boo Boy" Knox and Jim Allen

The point is African Americans built their own professional sports leagues in the past and can do so again. If people like Master P, Puff Daddy, Jay Z, Spike Lee, Earl G. Graves, Bob Johnson, Daymond John, Michael Jordan, Oprah and a few other African American heavyweights get together, it can happen!

In fact, it could happen very quickly. There's plenty land to build stadiums on such as our highways and or within our inner cities. An African American owned professional football league has the possibility of making billion dollar African American team owners overnight.

I'd say in less than two years the National Negro Football League could be a force to be reckoned with. Trust me, fans will come. Sponsors will come.

I'm pretty sure within the first year, the National Negro Football League would surpass the Arena Football League relative to fan base, number of teams and stock market value. 

...I pray Master P's vision comes to fruition.

Written By: Jim Allen