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Checkout Datz Restaurant!

When in Tampa, Florida be sure to checkout Datz restaurant. The food is tasty. The prices are fair as well. Me and my wife enjoyed the Datz experience; however, there's only one thing that turned me off (a bit). My wife was fine with it, but I wasn't... 

Some guy was eating in front of us with his dog at the table. I mean, I love pets but it was weird to see.

Plus his dog kept looking at us as if he was hungry or something. The guy held his dog on a leash with one hand and ate his food with the other. LOL! True story. Maybe that's just a Floridian thing? But it was a bit tacky. Bro, next time leave your dog at home!

* Be sure to taste Datz house-made sweet-n-salty chips w/ creamy blue cheese drizzle and green onions. Delish!

Outside of that, the food was delicious. Click all photos below. For a laid back time with a nice cold beer, we recommend Datz!

Mac Bites

Yum Yum Wings

Biggity Big Big Burger

Outside Sign


2616 S. Macdill Ave
Tampa, Florida 33629