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Chicago Cops, Politicians & Parents FAILED Cynthia Trevillion!

She wasn't a gang member. She wasn't a crack addict. She wasn't a prostitute. She wasn't a bad person. And she sure as hell shouldn't of died! 

Cynthia Trevillion was a 64 year old teacher at the Waldorf School in Chicago. She was loved by staff, students and parents. So far over 3,014 people have been shot in Chicago, and more than 558 murdered!

Cynthia Trevillion was fatally shot in the head on October 13, 2017 on the far North side of Chicago (6900 block of North Glenwood Avenue) as she and her husband tried to catch a train at the CTA Morse stop in Rogers Park.

Cynthia's husband, also a school teacher, saw and held his wife at the scene as she died. Cynthia was shot and killed by a stray bullet. She was caught in the midst of gang violence.

The question becomes where in the hell were the police as Cynthia and her husband were trying to dodge bullets? Someone is directly and indirectly responsible for her death.

It amazes me that paid politicians and law enforcement can't "seem" to at least reduce the violence in Chicago. According to the Chicago Crime Commission, a 2012 Chicago Police Department audit found there are more than 600 gang factions in Chicago, with a minimum combined membership of 70,000.

"...with those numbers, maybe it's time to call in the
National Guard?!"  

Even with the above speculative numbers, whatever happened to "beat cops", I mean...are cops patrolling the neighborhood like they use too? Who were the "beat cops" at the time Cynthia Trevillion was murdered?

Of course no one is blaming the Chicago police department our hardworking politicians; however, paid law enforcement and paid politicians have a responsibility to serve, protect and keep us all safe. 

...and yes, I fully understand the Black (African American) and Brown (Hispanic/Latino) communities in Chicago is totally f-cked up! It's for sure driving most of the violence. Nevertheless, those areas must be fairly patrolled and serviced as well! 

No community in Chicago should be given up on and/or turned over to gangs. And please don't give me that crap about residents should help the police. The job of beat cops and detectives isn't predicated on biased rumors or misinformation of residents.

Sure, in a perfect world, I agree residents
should work with the police! 

Hell, residents are afraid of these vicious drug lords and thugs. They are held hostage in their own homes. Their children can't play in the backyard. It's like Iraq in Black and Brown neighborhoods in Chicago.

Another question becomes how are uneducated thugs outwitting college educated cops and politicians? In Illinois, convicts can't legally purchase guns. So how are thugs, documented gang members and convicts getting guns?

Maybe the guns w/ matching bullets are falling out the sky into the hands of Chicago's most vicious criminals? Maybe gang members are breaking into gun shops and stealing guns with matching bullets?

Or maybe someone with a legal gun license is buying guns legally and illegally selling them to vicious Chicago gang members? Where I'm from we call them "gun runners".

We must also take into consideration the amount of money gangs make each night selling drugs in Chicago. There are gangs in Chicago making 5K - 20K a night. The illegal drug trade in Chicago is enormous.

According to former U.S. attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, $6 billion worth of illegal narcotics (1990 - 2008) was made in Chicago. Click below link:

The point is Chicago is a mixture of gangs, drugs, guns and money. Drug lords in Chicago are all gang affiliated. They will kill anyone including a 64 year old school teacher. They don't care about innocent people dying. They will kill and go to McDonald's and eat a happy meal. 

Most ( not all) of the people referred to in the aforementioned, don't want a legal job. Why work a legal job when the dope man is paying you $300 a night to stand on the corner and sell his dope?

I agree the Black (African American) and Brown (Hispanic/Latino) parents, neighbors, pastors and politicians have failed Chicago. The Black and Brown communities in Chicago has lost its moral compass. We've allowed drugs and gangs to takeover our communities. We've looked the other way at our sons and daughters dropping out of school, becoming teen moms, selling and out of jail.

The Black (African American) and Brown (Hispanic/Latino) community must become more accountable for the actions of our brethren, cousins, and relatives! No social program is going to save us. No politician or cop can change our mentality relative to what we allow to happen in our own communities.

A stronger connection between politicians, cops and the community is needed. Black lives matter. Brown lives matter. Blues lives matter. All lives matter. With that being said, we all must take responsibility for city. We're all in this together!

Written By: Dr. Jim Allen
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