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This Black Man Is Tired of Boycotting the NFL!

I'm honestly tired of aimlessly boycotting, marching and protesting. Yes I know the aforementioned is important, even historic relative to slavery, Jim Crow and the Civil Right era.

However, I'm tired of trying to prove to America her wrongheaded ways towards African Americans. 

As a Black man I'm also tired of going through life playing defense while others of different races in America are playing offense.

" longer will I walk around afraid of the police, or of being Black. No longer will I go through life thinking everyone is out to screw over me!"

The history of slavery in America can't be denied nor can the history of legal segregation. Having said that, slavery and Jim Crow isn't the legacy of African Americans.

The legacy of African Americans is we made America morally great. We made America live up to its true declaration that all men are created equal. African Americans along with White abolitionists civilized America. 

Boycotting, protesting, and marching aren't permanent solutions to injustices. The purpose of a boycott, protest and march is to petition and come to some sort of agreement relative to the offense, law, policy, etc.

As a Black man, I'm tired of boycotting the NFL! I love football, even coached it. I agree Colin Kaepernick has a right to protest the national anthem, but when is enough - enough? 

What's the end-game of boycotting the NFL? Do we want the Black National Anthem played before the National Anthem? 

Is the NFL boycott forever? Or do we continue to boycott until Colin Kaepernick is back in a NFL uniform? 

One of the problems with modern day boycotts is there's no end-game. For example: We can boycott Dove soap all night and day, but what are our demands? 

Are we asking Dove to hire more African American advertising agencies and/or marketing managers? Or are we aimlessly boycotting yet another company?

At some point companies are going to develop "Boycott Fatigue" which means they'll simply count African American issues, concerns and money as spoilage or collateral damage. 

Companies are going to be like "There go those Black folks boycotting again, we'll just be sure not to add them as a group in our consumer budget!" 

It's my sincere prayer LeBron and others don't start kneeling in protest of the National Anthem. I'm really not trying to be boycotting the NFL and the NBA at the same damn time. 

Plus I wanna see the Cavaliers vs Warriors in the regular season and playoffs. In fact, this is my public boycott of the NFL has ended! 

Colin's point has been made. It's time for him to get his job back. It's time to watch some football! 

Yes, the National Anthem has some jacked up stuff in it, but got damn...what unites us is greater than what divides us. 

As an African American, my life is more than slavery and Jim Crow. My ancestors fought so that I wouldn't have to live in the pain of the past. 

It's time we move forward as Americans. It's time we not use sports as a political tool to divide us.

The boycotts and protests proves America is yet working towards perfecting the union. Now it's time to stop and move forward. Kneeling, standing, locking arms isn't going to change anything. 

We all (now) know the history of the National Anthem, time to move onward even if we agree to disagree. So yes, I'm ready for you to call me a coon, a sellout and an Uncle Tom...even though I'm a well known public figure in Chicago as an award winning community organizer of 20 years with 10 years of volunteer service to the children of Shriners Hospital for Children-Chicago. I'm also a former career sports coach (Chicago Park District, Boys and Girls Club Chicago, YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago).

If I kneel it will be thwarts gang violence in Chicago. If I kneel it will be for all the innocent lives lost to gang and gun violence in Chicago.

Written By: Jim Allen