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Pastor John F. Hannah's 2017 Birthday Celebration!

John F. Hannah, senior pastor of New Life Covenant Southeast (a 20,000 member church) had a birthday party at the Galleria Marchetti located 825 W. Erie Street in Chicago, Illinois. Tickets went on sale November 22, 2017 and were SOLD OUT shortly there after.

People were all over social media begging for a ticket. It was indeed the hottest ticket in Chicago. The actual party was held on Friday, November 24, 2017 (7pm - 12 midnight). Folks from all over the city of Chicago attended, even non-members of New Life church. Tickets were only $10 dollars! Yes, only $10 dollars. That's 10 ones! Tickets were SOLD OUT in less than 10 minutes!

The party was an elegant all black attire celebration and featured some of Chicago's hottest DJs, vendors, and so much more. Social media was lit with pictures of Pastor John F. Hannah and party goers having an amazing time.

Thousands packed the Galleria Marchetti to celebrate one of Chicago's greatest pastors of modern times! 


As someone who knows Pastor John F. Hannah personally, I can truly attest to the fact he has a heart for Chicago and an undying love to better Chicago as well as urban areas around the country.

"All I wanted for my birthday was to provide a SAFE PLACE to be around GREAT PEOPLE who wanted to have FUN!!! I LOVE GOD AND I LOVE HIS PEOPLE MORE THAN I COULD EVER EXPRESS. Thanks for coming out and helping me celebrate LIFE!!!!! Until next year make it your business to LIVE AND ENJOY LIFE WITHOUT foolishness!!" - Pastor John F. Hannah. 

Lastly, special thanks to Joshua L. James and many others for organizing such an amazing birthday celebration for a pastor well deserving. Joshua L. James is a professional event planner, be sure to follow him by clicking below link: 

Be sure to click below pics.

Written By: Jim Allen