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The BEST Grand Canyon Tour Guide Ever!

"My wife and I had an amazing time at the Grand Canyon. Our tour guide was a gentleman by the name of Richard. As a child I always wanted to visit the Grand Canyon, and by it being one of the most remarkable wonders of the world, my interest for it never waned. When my wife told me she wanted to visit the Grand Canyon, I was simply elated. 

I wanted to smell, touch, feel and listen to the greatness of the Grand Canyon. My wife planned our trip to the Grand Canyon through "Pink Jeep Tours Grand Canyon".

She was spot on. As fate would have it we had an amazing tour guide. Richard, our tour guide was patient, kind, helpful and very knowledgeable on the Grand Canyon. 

Richard's favorite word was ADVENTURE, and he gave us just that! Richard had us so close to the Grand Canyon to the point it felt like an outer body experience. The guy is simply brave as a bear and tough as nails.

Richard answered all of our questions and believe me, we had a lot of questions, especially with my wife being a scientist and medical doctor. Because of Richard, me and my wife were able to experience the fullness of the Grand Canyon. Thank you Richard for giving us a life changing experience!" -Jim Allen 

* Below are my wife's words about our Grand Canyon tour guide.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Richard and Kenya

"On 11/3 I embarked upon a journey to the Grand Canyon, which was something that I’ve always wanted to do since I was a child. Remember the episode of the “Brady Bunch” when Mike took the whole family on a trip to the Grand Canyon? Yes, that’s what initially sparked my intrigue and now I know that those tv cameras did it no justice.

As a child, my father kept a subscription of the National Geographic magazine and I clearly remember an issue that highlighted this wonder of our world. The pictures left me enchanted and the article left me wanting to know more! What kind of animals dwell there? Who were the original inhabitants of the region? The list goes on because, yes, I am a nerd like that.

When I had the opportunity to travel with my husband, I was too excited! WE were too excited as he shares in my love for natural, hiking, National Parks and Forests. Since this was our first trip to the Grand Canyon and knowing of its vastness, we decided to go for a guided tour to help us digest so that we can then plan for future trips. Pink Jeep Tours was our company of choice based on their excellent customer reviews. Our tour guide was Richard, and when I tell you all that his tour was nothing short than amazing, I’m not even kidding!

We arrived by car from Phoenix to the National Geographic Visiting Center in Tusayan, Arizona, located just outside of the National Park. Oh, and the drive was absolutely breathtaking...but I digress.

We met Richard at the front desk and he was just as cheerful, excited and friendly as he could be! We had the whole Jeep to ourselves. We set our sights on the South Rim this go-round. Richard took us to many beautiful, visually appealing spots along the way. Words can not articulate the Grand Canyon’s vastness, amazement and tranquility.

Richard offered us many nuggets along the way about the park’s history which was very much appreciated and interesting. We had tons of questions and Richard did not mind it one bit. On the tour, we were able to roam around the south rim for a bit and soaked in some of that positive energy and vibrations from the earth, before Richard returned to pick us up in the tour Jeep.

We arrived back to the starting point after about 2 hours and watched a complimentary IMAX movie on the Grand Canyon. All in all, I’d say that because words cannot adequately define my personal experience, I will suffice it to say that it was life changing. Having an amazingly passionate tour guide elevated our experience exponentially!" -Kenya Thomas, MD

Richard and Kenya

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