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Women Don't Want To Train With Their Boyfriends!

This post is inspired by a man and his girlfriend... So I was working out at Xsport Fitness (8th and State) in Chicago. I was circuit training and at this particular moment I was on the treadmill. A couple next to me were on separate treadmills as well.

Next thing I know the guy starts screaming at his girlfriend "GO HARDER!" I guess he was trying to be her trainer or something, but she didn't take well to his commands.

He then yells "Well this is how the trainers here are going to treat you!" His girlfriend told him "Stop yelling at me. I'm fine and I know how to pace myself!"

The whole situation was awkward as I looked as if I didn't hear them arguing. LOL! Of course I did. I wanted to say to the man "Bruh, you're not the picture of health yourself!"

Plus, women aren't into their boyfriends including fiancés and husbands trying to be their trainer. I mean, your man-meat was just down her throat last night, what makes you think she actually cares about you telling her to push harder at the gym?
"You're not her trainer. You're her lover!"

Women including (girlfriends, fiancées, wives) are fine with working out with their man, but most of them don't want their man trying to train them. They'd rather have you as a workout partner! Not a trainer. 

Women want to be trained by a professional trainer at the know, the guy with the big muscles, small waist and tight shorts on. Your girlfriend, fiancée, wife wants to be in the presence of a muscular trainer as he breathes down her neck telling her "You got this!" She wants the smell of his dank balls close to her face as he helps her lift weights. She wants the presence and vibe of an attractive man who isn't her man, yelling and screaming at her. She wants a different type of workout relationship you can't provide.  

I know the above may hurt the ego of a few brothers, but hey, it's the cold turkey truth Ruth.

But you never know. This could be a blessing in disguise. After all that training with her cock diesel trainer, she just might come home to you with a wet kitty cat and a mind full of hot monkey sex thoughts.

Written By: Jim Allen