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Black, Female, Sophisticated, Educated...but Can't Get A Man!

Black women across America are wondering why they can't seem to find and/or fall in love with a good Black man. This dilemma continues to be a hot topic in Black America. 

Sophisticated, educated and highly successful Black women want to know what are they doing wrong relative to attracting good Black men. 

Don't get it twisted, Black women are dope. Yes, I fully believe in the power of Black girl magic. However, most successful Black women have extremely high standards, as they should. 

Black women are the most educated group in America. Black women have started the most businesses in America in the last 5 years. Black women rock! 

The main reason most sophisticated, educated and highly successful Black women can't find a good Black man is because their standards are sometimes unrealistically high. 

They'll be like "I want a man who makes six figures, drives a Bentley, has three homes, and must have a PhD".

Okay, some of the aforementioned is a bit exaggerated, but the point is highly successful Black women have standards most regular guys don't meet and some aren't trying to meet.

There are some good Black men making 50K - 75K a year, these type of brothers understand what most highly successful Black women are looking for, they don't see themselves as measuring up, so they don't bother to get to know successful Black women.'s like you want a man with so much, I can't provide what you need so I'll just stay away or date someone who's a bit more reasonable. 

Black women sometimes fail to understand most (not all) White folks will marry each other fresh out of college making 25K a year. They'll grow together, live in an apartment, get raises on their jobs, save for a home, and work together to better one another. 

That's hard to do when someone wants you to come to the relationship making 100K a year, have a luxury car, own 3 homes and 1 summer home, have 5 PhDs, etc. 


I'm not saying Black women should lower their standards; however, their standards should be a bit more realistic as it relates to everyday life. 

It's unfortunate to see successful Black men marry every other woman, but the Black woman. Why is this? Are women of other racial groups better than Black women? Hell no! 

The question should be asked where were Black women when these brothers were living at their mom's house trying to get their acting career or business off the ground? 

See, you viewed the brother as a at home with his momma. Don't have a car. Only making 25K a year, but what you failed to see was his ambition and drive. The brother was sacrificing material things for his master plan.

Again, this post isn't about ALL Black women. This post is about highly successful Black women, of whom will never find a good Black man if they don't rethink their bucket list.  

Jim Allen