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Checkout The Book: Poems by Chance's Dad.

Poems by Chance's Dad is a family friendly reading adventure that explores both fatherhood and childhood. Chance and Chance's Dad antics are written and illustrated by Marvin Michaels. Marvin cleverly captures the shenanigans of a first-time father and son. 

The Poems by Chance's Dad writing process started in 2014, when Marvin Michaels got the surprise announcement his wife was pregnant with their son Chance.

Pulling from his life experiences, Marvin Michaels has captures his memories growing up with his father and his "trial by fire" learning antics as a first time father in the pages Poems by Chance's Dad.

Marvin is a native of Amarillo, Texas were he and his brother were raised until the family migration to North Texas, Dallas area his first year of high school.

Many of Marvin's childhood characteristics are captured in Chance's Dad characters; long arms, big feet and big head to body ratio.    

I encourage everyone to purchase the book "Poems by Chance's Dad". Read this book to your sons...this book is a perfect gift for newly and veteran fathers. Please click below link to purchase the book: