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Chicago Hispanics Want To Help Build The Obama Presidential Library!

The Hispanic American Construction Industry Association which represents Hispanics in Chicago, recently held a press conference concerning the lack of Hispanic owned construction companies not having a piece of the financial pie as it relates to building the Obama Presidential Library. 

As of right now five companies have the lion's share of the Obama Presidential Library construction contract. Four of those companies are African American owned, and one is White owned. They make up a juggernaut called Lakeside Alliance as listed below:
 Power & Sons Construction 
African American owned.

Ujamaa Construction
African American owned.

Brown & Momen, INC
African American owned.

Safeway Construction
African American owned.

Turner Construction 
White American owned.


The four African American owned construction companies have 51% of the Obama Presidential Library construction contract. The White owned company i.e. Turner Construction has 49% of the Obama Presidential Library contract. Currently there is no Hispanic owned construction company that's part of Lakeside Alliance. 

Construction (groundbreaking) on the Obama Presidential Library starts in 2018, yet according to the African American owned construction companies "The project is far from the point that we are accepting resumes!" Click below link for more info:

Many in the African American community are telling the Hispanics they should be happy to be sub-contractors, some are going as far as saying "NO HISPANIC OWNED CONSTRUCTION COMPANY GETTING A LARGE PIECE OF THE CONTRACT!" 

Chicago is one of the places in the Midwest where African Americans and Hispanics are competing for low wage, unskilled and at times under-skilled jobs.

The question isn't whether Hispanics will work on the Obama Presidential Library as general laborers or sub-contractors. The question is will the Obama Foundation re-negotiate the contract and allow a Hispanic owned construction company to be part of Lakeside Alliance? 

For more information on the Hispanic American Construction Industry Association, please click below links:

"...tensions are indeed rising. Seems like a combination of race and money. Should be interesting to see what exactly happens and how it all pans out." 

UPDATE: January 28, 2018
According to Alderman Gilbert Villegas of the 36th Ward, he and others plan on advocating for Hispanic inclusion! Click below photo:

Written By: Jim Allen