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Farewell To Marcus G. Morton

With sad hearts we announce the departure of one of Chicago's most explosive praise and worship leaders, Marcus G. Morton. He along with his family is leaving Chicago to live in Atlanta. This is a huge loss for Chicago's gospel scene and the city as a whole. 

Not only is Marcus an amazing praise and worship leader, but he's also an up and coming gospel recording artist, working with some of the biggest names in gospel music today. Marcus has inspired us all and provided a great example of fatherhood, brotherhood and fraternity. 

We trust Marcus decision in this matter, for only he knows what's best for him and his family, so the sting of his leaving is bittersweet. I pray safe travels over the Morton family as they travel from Chicago to Atlanta. I also pray more success and opened doors for Marcus and his family as well.

Marcus, we're gonna miss you brother! Be sure to pay us a visit after you and the family settle in Atlanta. Good thing is y'all won't have to deal with Chicago's cold winters any more.

The sad thing is Chicago can't continue to lose special people like Marcus G. Morton. The number of Black people leaving Chicago is something the Mayor should seriously take into consideration. High taxes and gang violence are a few reasons why (not Marcus), but people like Marcus are leaving Chicago.

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Written By: Jim Allen