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HIRING: Obama Presidential Library Construction (UPDATE).

A couple of days ago I heard several men on WVON radio station talking about the construction of the Obama Presidential Library. These men stated they represented four African American construction companies and that they have 51% of the contract to build the Obama Presidential Library.

They promised African Americans would receive their share, especially those living in the area of the Obama Presidential Library.

The four African American companies are Power and Sons Construction, UJAMMA Construction, Brown and Momen, and Safeway Construction. All four of these African American owned construction companies including Turner Construction which is White owned, make up Lakeside Alliance.

After hearing the representatives from the African American companies speak on WVON's morning show and emphatically say they were going to hire African Americans, I sprung into action to make sure said African Americans knew of this opportunity.

*Let's be clear, I made the flier for the community and to inform the community. I didn't make the flier for Lakeside Alliance.

I mean hey, I'm pretty sure some didn't hear the interview, so I basically took it upon myself to inform the community to prepare for construction jobs relative to the Obama Presidential Library and to send in their resumes.

I even texted Safeway Construction and asked what's the best way a person can apply for the Obama Presidential Library construction jobs and I was given an email address to send resumes to. I also called each African American owned company listed above and was given email addresses to send resumes to.

Man, I was excited, I thought this is an opportunity for African Americans to really be part of an historic, once in a lifetime event in Chicago and reap the financial benefits as well. Sadly to say....I was wrong.

I received calls, emails and texts from the aforementioned African American companies and from politicians asking me to please remove my fliers concerning the construction of the Obama Presidential Library from social media. My first reaction was why? 

I mean, they i.e. Lakeside Alliance, were the ones on WVON promising Black folks jobs. The listeners knew each representative and company's name. I'm thinking damn, what's the problem? Like bro, y'all said on WVON, four African American construction companies have 51% of the contract and that the White company i.e. Turner Construction has 49% of the contract. Y'all said African American workers will be hired!  

I admit, I got excited and put out a flier; however, the information on the flier was and still is legit! I also was going off of their claims on WVON and thought that as African American companies with the lion's share of the contract, they had total autonomy in the matter.

I didn't know they have to actually get stuff approved through the Obama Foundation. Which seems to me Lakeside Alliance is just a front to appease Black folks interested in working during the construction of the Obama Presidential Library.

According to newspaper reports and the WVON interview, the Obama Presidential Library is suppose to break ground in 2018! Construction is projected to be done by 2021! Bruh, it's 2018 right got damn now. How in the hell is it you all aren't ready to receive resumes?! I get it - it's another trick on the Black community in Chicago.

I fell for the trick in thinking what was said during the WVON interview was actually going to happen. I should of known better. Poor Black folks in Chicago always get deceived by Blacks in power bond to one another through fraternity and social status.

Again, I apologized to the four African American owned construction companies; however, when I look back in hindsight I rescind my apology!

Click below links to see the four African American companies that's over 51% of the Obama Presidential Library construction. It's too bad Black folks won't be represented as I thought. Just another scheme on the Black community.

Man, talk about a dream deferred! Talk about a total disappointment and let down. At the end of the day there's really no guarantee African Americans will receive construction jobs relative to the Obama Presidential Library as was promised on WVON.

Sure, they'll be a few African Americans working on the site, but as of now it seems that may be those who are already plugged in with the aforementioned companies.

As of now there's really no accountability relative to ensuring African Americans in Chicago (from the South and West Sides) will get their fair share.

Just another kick in the ass! I apologize to the Black community in Chicago for informing them on how to contact the four African American construction companies overseeing the construction of the Obama Presidential Library. 

Be sure to click all below photos: 

Two work weeks later, no meeting. Can't even get a return email on a meeting. Maybe it was just a way to pacify me and get me to remove the flier? Not sure! Anyway, God bless and good luck. 

Jim Allen